Death Kooliad will tear off your head & shit down your neck and it’ll still taste good.
— Ginger Wildheart 2016
This is a fantastic follow-up that never once shows a lack of fervor or willingness to gridlock the onslaught of the record. Development will come with time, but Death Koolaid are undoubtedly knocking on the devil’s door.
— - On Vol. 2
The seven songs on the new release from Death Koolaid could be compared to the thought process of a straight jacketed inmate running into walls playing cranium bumper car.
— Covering The Ccene- On Vol. 2
Death Koolaid look like they didn’t quite get into the Suicide Squad and sound like Joan Jett if they were ten times angrier (and that is pretty ace!)
— - 2016
We are now placed safely in front of the stage ready to get rocked and suddenly here it comes. A mighty impact. What just hit us?. We just got our faced ripped apart. DEATH KOOLAID started their set with more force and vigour than any other punk metal band we saw in the last three days.
— - Teubertal Feastival 2015
DEATH KOOLAID are the most bonkers band of the day in the most utterly brilliant way
— Camden Rocks 2015 by
DEATH KOOLAID would clearly be comfortable playing to thousands. This unsuspecting crowd got punched in the face musically and anyone there should feel lucky they were able to see it. The band deliver hardcore-punk-metal with a viciousness that is hard to rival or compare
— Camden Rocks Festival 2014 by The Punk Archive
DEATH KOOLAID are among the heaviest, meanest, filthiest thing around in music today, sounding like ‘The Plamatics’ on crack!
— Manic mosh magazine
DEATH KOOLAID have built a reputation for scaring the hell out of the unwary at numerous gigs with their wall of noise music and in your face antics.
DEATH KOOLAID take no prisoners as their short sharp intense shouty, hardcore tunes grip our attention and leave us wanting more. That’s good shouty by the way.
“...a young lady who we hope wasn’t in full fancy dress (those tattoo’s won’t wash off we imagine) appeared to scream the house down in the way that only Coutney Love could ever dream of and in a way that Wendy O Williams we thought did many many years ago.
Noisy opener ‘Rains’ covers all bases but it soon makes way for the very nasty ‘The Horrors’ a song that storms out my speakers taking no prisoners as it pounds me into submission. Siren Sycho has a vocal delivery all of her own as she spews out the lyrics in uncompromising totally pissed off fashion.
— EP Review -
DEATH KOOLAID may be perveyours of shouty stuff with loud guitars but they know how this works and take no prisoners as their short sharp intense shouty, hardcore tunes grip our attention and leave us wanting more.
DEATH KOOLAID - Probably the heaviest band to ever play a UK Pride stage
— Brighton and Hove Pride 2014
DEATH KOOLAID are definitely worth checking out - certainly have quality in abundance.