Death Koolaid are dirty, horrid and make a fuck load of noise. Their music oozes aggression and pure raucous energy. They take no prisoners as they pound their audiences into submission, gig after gig. They are a force to be reckoned with.

Vocalist Siren Sycho tears down every venue they play with her forceful, hi-octane stage presence and vocal delivery. Roy and The Crow’s guitars tear apart the soundscape as Meat Boy’s mighty drums kick the living shit out of anyone who is unlucky enough to be in the same postcode.

Death Koolaid were dug up from the dark depths of society, brought together by their blood thirsty passion to make relentless, hard-hitting music. The four piece, female-fronted punk metal band began their quest to resuscitate the hearts of the masses in 2013.

They released their first seven track mini album, Death Koolaid Vol. 1, in March 2014. The band began to gig immediately; the months that followed were  lled with blood, sweat and beer.

Death Koolaid were nominated for a UK MVA in 2015 for the music video to the song ‘The Second Rule’, they then won the UK Emergenza Battle of the Bands competition.

The band released Death Koolaid Vol. 2 in 2017. Later that year the videos for the single releases Emmeline and Kids were premiered on UK music channel Scuzz TV.

Death Koolaid are an unstoppable force that will continue to wake up the dead and inject themselves into veins of the living. Then band are writing vol. 3, due for release in early 2019.